Devil Returns to School Days Chapter 1: A Riveting Tale of Redemption and Revenge

Devil Returns to School Days Chapter 1

Dive into the fascinating world of “Devil Returns to School Days” Chapter 1, where a mysterious fall sets the stage for an unforgettable journey.

Join Hyun-sung as he embarks on a second chance at life, blending self-discovery, redemption, and a dash of revenge in this captivating manhwa.

Unveiling the Mysterious Journey of Hyun-sung

Devil Returns to School Days
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In the enthralling first chapter of “Devil Returns to School Days,” readers are plunged into a world where the story blurs the line between life and death, creating an exciting tale about bouncing back, seeking payback, and getting another shot at life.

A Shocking Dive into the Unknown:

Witnessing the Fall: The chapter commences with a mysterious and unsettling scene—a young boy, Hyun-sung, falling from a rooftop. puzzle, he seems unaware of the circumstances surrounding his fall, Feeling lost about why he’s falling. 

The boy, Hyun-sung, is puzzled about what’s happening to him. He’s not sure why it’s the day he thinks he died. “I was going to graduate soon… I endured all those hardships for this… I don’t understand! What I’m sure about is that… this is the day… I died.”

The Veil of Uncertainty:

Devil Returns to School Hyun-sung's
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A Tough Situation:As the plot thickens, we shift to a hospital where a girl, possibly a nurse, discusses Hyun-sung’s threatening condition with his grandmother. Sadly, it’s been three months since the fall, and things aren’t getting better – he hasn’t woken up, and he’s not moving much.

The emotional weight of the scene is heightened as the girl confesses that she has never seen a patient wake up after being diagnosed as vegetative. The grandmother’s anger at this revelation adds layers of complexity to the unfolding drama.

A Struggling Family: Hyun-sung’s family, already burdened with the weight of his medical condition, faces additional hardships. His brother, Hyun-jin, relays the distressing news that the bullies who once harassed him are now targeting Hyun-sung.

The family is going through a tough time because of Hyun-sung’s medical bills. Even Grandma, who’s working hard to pay for everything, ends up getting hurt. Hyun-jin sadly says that maybe things would’ve been easier if Hyun-sung had just passed away.

Let’s Revale the Antagonists

Devil Returns to School Power-Holders
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The Power-Holders:The story shows some teachers covering up for the bullies. Park Min-chul, Cho Yongtek, Jung Minho, Kang Chang-suk, Oh Dae-hwan, and Kim Yung-chul are part of this, making things more complicated. It adds a bit of a critique about society to the plot.

A Twist of Fate

A Return to the Past: Amidst the despair, a glimmer of hope emerges. Hyun-sung, while dreaming of revenge and a return to normalcy, suddenly finds himself back in high school.

The familiar sights and sounds trigger a realization—he has been granted a second chance at life, reliving his freshman year. Get ready for an exciting adventure of finding oneself, making things right, and, for sure, seeking payback.


“Devil Returns to School Days” Chapter 1 grabs readers with its mysterious and emotionally charged narrative. Hyun-sung’s journey, marked by a fall, a vegetative state, and an unexpected return to high school, sets the stage for an engaging tale of redemption and resilience.

Frequently Asked Quesution:

1: What genre is “Devil Returns to School Days”?

The manhwa falls into the genres of drama, mystery, and supernatural, promising a mix of emotions and suspense.

2. Are there supernatural elements in the story?

Yes, the narrative involves a mysterious fall and a character’s return to his high school days, adding a supernatural twist to the plot.

3: How often are new chapters released?

Release schedules can vary, but checking popular manhwa platforms regularly will keep you updated on new chapters.

4: Is there a central theme in the story?

Redemption and revenge seem to be central themes, as Hyun-sung grapples with his past and strives to make things right.

Join us as we follow Hyun-sung’s adventures and uncover the mysteries that lie ahead in this extraordinary manhwa journey.Happy reading!

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