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At News Ventured, we believe in the potential of passion, innovation, and determination. We stand by visionary founders as they shape their ideas into thriving businesses. We embrace risk, challenge conventions, and venture where others hesitate.

Based in the heart of Toronto, Canada, we are an industry-agnostic pre-seed/seed stage ICT venture capital fund dedicated to shaping the future.

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Our journey begins with you. We’re on a quest to explore the uncharted territories of innovation. Backing startups across North America, or those serving the vibrant North American market, we specialize in various business models such as SaaS, enterprise/SMB, B2B/B2B2C, and even the cutting-edge world of crypto. From AI/ML to IoT, blockchain to quantum computing, we’re invested in all software categories that redefine tomorrow.

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Why You, Why Now, Why This?

  • Why Now? Timing is EverythingAt News Ventured, we understand that timing is a critical factor in success. Being in the right market, with the right team, at the right time can make all the difference. Countless startups falter not due to lack of ambition or innovation, but due to mistimed entry. We ask every entrepreneur: Why now? Especially if you’re not the pioneer in the market.What do we consider?
    • Market Size: Is your Total Addressable Market (TAM) substantial enough for unicorn-level growth?
    • Market Nature: Are you tapping into an emerging market or witnessing rapid market expansion?
    • Technological Innovation: Does a groundbreaking technology enable your business to flourish?
  • Why This? Innovating for TomorrowThe entrepreneurial landscape thrives on innovative problem-solving. Identifying a problem is only the beginning. We seek solutions that outshine the competition, just like Uber revolutionized ride-sharing. At News Ventured, we’re in search of the next Uber—a solution that’s superior, easier, and more cost-effective than existing alternatives.Ask yourself:
    • How does your solution surpass competitors?
    • What’s your unique competitive edge?

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At News Ventured, we’re more than just investors; we’re your partners on the journey to greatness. Let’s redefine industries, challenge norms, and create a future that resonates with innovation. Your success story starts here.

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