10 Commonly Asked Questions by Customers in the Janitorial Franchise Industry


In the ever-evolving world of janitorial services, customers often find themselves at a crossroads, filled with queries and uncertainties.

Choosing a janitorial business is not just about finding someone to clean; it’s about ensuring the job is done efficiently, effectively, and reliably. Customers likely have numerous questions. This guide is meticulously crafted to address the top ten questions customers frequently ask, offering insights for cleaning business insights into the nuances of selecting the right janitorial partner.

What Services Are Included in a Janitorial Package?

When exploring a janitorial franchise, it’s essential to understand the breadth and scope of its service offerings. So explain to your customers that these franchises typically encompass various services, from fundamental tasks like floor cleaning, restroom sanitation, and trash disposal to specialized services. 

Further explain that these may include window cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning, deep cleaning of high-traffic areas, and specialized disinfection services tailored to meet industry-specific standards. Also, remember to advise them that some franchises offer customizable packages, allowing clients to choose services that best fit their unique needs.

How Do You Ensure Quality and Consistency?

Maintaining a high standard of quality and consistency is a cornerstone for any reputable company. Reassure your customers that this assurance comes from rigorous training programs for staff, regular updates on the latest cleaning techniques and products, and consistent quality control measures.

Let them know that many franchises implement detailed checklists, regular audits, and supervisor inspections to ensure that every cleaning job meets high standards. Additionally, they often use customer feedback to improve their services continuously.

Are Your Products and Methods Environmentally Friendly?

In today’s world, the environmental impact of cleaning products and methods is a significant concern for many customers. Advise your customers that janitorial companies are increasingly shifting towards green cleaning practices, utilizing eco-friendly products that are less environmentally harmful.

These products are often biodegradable, non-toxic, and sourced from sustainable ingredients. Moreover, franchises are adopting methods that reduce water waste and energy consumption, thus contributing to a healthier environment.

What Sets Your Franchise Apart from Independent Cleaning Services?

It’s important to let your customers know that the distinct advantages of a janitorial business over independent cleaning services lie in the structured approach and expansive resources. Franchises benefit from established protocols, access to high-grade equipment and supplies, and a vast support network. 

This structure ensures uniformity in service quality, regardless of location. Don’t forget to let them know that franchises also often have comprehensive training programs, better service capabilities, and more robust infrastructure for large-scale or specialized cleaning tasks.

How Do You Handle Special Requests or Areas Needing Extra Attention?

Adaptability and responsiveness are key traits of a quality janitorial business. Explain to your customers that most franchises can handle special requests, whether involving extra attention to certain areas or incorporating specific cleaning practices per the client’s needs. 

Reassure customers that communication channels are also kept open to ensure additional requirements are understood and met. Specialized teams may be deployed for tasks that require unique expertise, ensuring that all customer needs are addressed satisfactorily.

What Are Your Pricing Structures and Payment Terms?

Clarity and fairness in pricing are fundamental to building trust with clients. So, ensure your customers know that janitorial franchises typically offer a variety of pricing models to suit different needs and budgets.

These can include flat-rate pricing for regular cleaning services, per-square-foot pricing for larger areas, or customized pricing for specialized services. 

Payment terms must be clearly outlined and transparent, especially regarding additional costs or fees. This approach helps customers understand exactly what they are paying for, avoiding surprises or misunderstandings.

How Do You Ensure the Safety and Security of Our Premises During Cleaning?

The safety and security of client premises during cleaning operations are paramount. When a customer feels on edge about having strangers cleaning their premises, make sure you let them know that your franchise undertakes comprehensive background checks to ensure reliability and trustworthiness.

Reassure them that your employees are also trained to adhere to strict security protocols, such as securing premises after cleaning, responsibly handling keys and access cards, and maintaining confidentiality about client spaces. 

This commitment to security gives clients peace of mind, knowing their premises are safe.

How Experienced and Trained Is Your Cleaning Staff?

The expertise and training of the cleaning staff are directly correlated to the quality of service delivered. Advise your customers that established franchises invest heavily in the training and development of their staff.

Employees undergo extensive training covering various aspects of cleaning, including the use of equipment, understanding of different cleaning agents, adherence to safety standards, and customer service etiquette. Regular refresher courses and updates on industry best practices ensure that the staff remains competent and efficient.

What Are Your Policies on Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility?

Janitorial companies are not left behind in a world increasingly focused on sustainability and ethical practices. Reassure your customers that many franchises have ingrained sustainability into their core operations, employing eco-friendly cleaning practices, reducing waste, and using energy-efficient equipment. 

Additionally, their commitment to corporate social responsibility often extends to community engagement, ethical labor practices, and initiatives that support local environmental or social causes. These policies reflect a franchise’s commitment to a better world and resonate with customers who value corporate responsibility.

How Do You Handle Feedback and Complaints?

Effective handling of feedback and complaints is critical to customer service. Ensure you have structured mechanisms to receive and process customer feedback, ensuring that concerns or complaints are addressed promptly and effectively. 

Your customers will feel reassured by receiving regular surveys, direct communication channels, and responsive customer service teams to facilitate the process. The aim is to resolve issues, use feedback for continual improvement, and foster a long-term relationship.


Ensuring your customers choose your janitorial franchise involves navigating a myriad of factors, from service quality and eco-friendliness to security and customer service. 

Customers can then fully understand what your business offers, aligning their expectations with your services. A top-notch cleaning company doesn’t just clean; it adds value by respecting client needs, embracing sustainability, and continuously striving for excellence. 

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