Climbing a Tower climbing a tower which even regressors couldn’t conquer. Chapter 1

Climbing a Tower climbing a tower which even regressors couldn't conquer. Chapter 1

I recently start reading this comic, and I’m genuinely amazed at how good it is. Everything in it is just perfect, especially the main male lead. You guys should definitely give it a shot too! 

In this Chapter, Suhyuk faces challenges and gets important instructions in the Tower of Trials. The story is full of suspense and excitement, making it a thrilling fantasy adventure.


Embarking on a journey through the realms of fantasy, “Climbing a Tower climbing a tower which even regressors couldn’t conquer, chapter 1: Chapter 1” introduces us to an exciting tale of adventure and mystery. Directed by an unseen force. 

Our main character, Kwon Suhyuk, faces a massive challenge, marking the beginning of an exciting journey up the Tower of Trials. This sets the stage for a thrilling climb full of mysteries and adventures ahead.

A Mysterious Beginning:

Mysterious Beginning
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As we kick off the story in the first chapter, a strange creature, a guy named Suhyuk, and a mysterious message immediately transport us into a world where the game’s rules determine whether you live or die. This sets the stage for an adventure that’s both interesting and unpredictable. 

As Suhyuk faces his demise at the hands of the creature, a sudden connection with the “community of the dead” leaves us eager to unravel the story.

Encounter with a Regressor:

Enter a mysterious lady who claims to be a regressor, adding layers of complexity to the comic. Initially doubtful, Suhyuk’s disbelief transforms into shock when the lady urgently discloses the imminent arrival of the “Tower of Trials” on Earth. As this revelation unfolds, the plot deepens, and Suhyuk finds himself wrestling with the surreal nature of this unexpected encounter.

Three Crucial Instructions:

Crucial Instructions regressors couldn't conquer
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As the lady gives three essential instructions to Suhyuk, the gravity of his situation becomes apparent. The tower presents challenges that require following specific rules: avoid opening the status window, form a contract with an unlikely god until the sixth floor, and fiercely hold onto a weapon when abilities awaken.

 The simplicity of these rules contrasts with the complexity of the journey. Moreover, these rules are crucial for successfully navigating the hurdles within.

A World Turned Upside Down:

Transitioning into the story, we witness a significant shift in the world’s order. The revelation that the “Tower of Trials” is not just a game but a colossal event with implications for the entire planet leaves Suhyuk in disbelief. 

As the green belt around area C-66432 is lifted, signalling a call to action for a million climbers, the urgency and gravity of the situation become crystal clear.

Unveiling the Tower’s Deceptions:

Tower's  regressors couldn't conquer
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The plot takes an unexpected turn as an invisible message announces adjustments to the tower’s basic system. Now, climbers might encounter unfair contracts and intentional deception in the Tower of Trials, adding a layer of complexity to their challenges.

This twist introduces a new dimension to the journey, testing not only physical power but also the climbers’ ability to navigate through cunning and deception. 

This unexpected turn adds extra plot, turning the tower into more than just a physical challenge. Now, it becomes a test of humour and strength, adding layers of complexity to the journey.

The Weight of Choices:

Suhyuk is faced with a crucial decision — the choice of equipment that will define his journey. The decision to pick a sword over magic echoes his previous failures with magical efforts. The simplicity of a sword, though unseemly and fragile, aligns with his practical approach to challenges.

The Dilemma of the Status Window:

Dilemma regressors couldn't conquer
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The importance of the status window, a tool for climbers to enhance their abilities, becomes clear. Suhyuk grapples with the riddle of whether to open it, knowing the potential benefits it holds.

The ticking clock makes things tense, and Suhyuk’s decision not to use the advantage shows how complicated he is. This choice adds an interesting twist to the story, emphasizing the challenges he’s dealing with in the Tower of Trials.

First Encounter in the Tower:

As Suhyuk reached the first floor of the Tower of Trials, he faces a goblin assassin, highlighting the dangers creeping within. The suspense boosts as we are left wondering about the outcome of this encounter, setting the stage for the challenges that lie ahead.


This comic offers a suspenseful journey with Suhyuk’s character growth and challenges in the mysterious tower. This captivating fantasy tale is a must-follow for adventure enthusiasts, promising a thrilling exploration of courage, choices, and the unknown..


1. What is the “Tower of Trials”?

The “Tower of Trials” is a virtual challenge where climbers face various obstacles, and success or failure holds significant consequences for the ownership of Earth.

2. Who is Suhyuk, and why is he chosen for this journey?

Suhyuk is the main character chosen to climb the Tower of Trials. His journey unfolds as he encounters mysterious creatures and a regressor, thrusting him into an unexpected adventure.

3. What are the three crucial instructions given to Suhyuk?

Suhyuk is instructed to avoid opening the status window, form a contract with a god until the sixth floor, and hold onto a weapon when his abilities awaken.

4. What is the significance of the invisible message adjusting the tower’s system?

The invisible message adds a layer of complexity, allowing the tower to impose unfair contracts and intentional deception, making the climb more challenging.

5. Why did Suhyuk choose a sword over magic?

Suhyuk’s choice reflects his pragmatic approach and past failures with magic. The sword aligns with his preference for simplicity and reliability.

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