Islah Koren Gates – Step Into The World Of Islah Koren Gates!

Islah Koren Gates – Step Into The World Of Islah Koren Gates!

She is gaining popularity at a young age. Follow her journey as she captivates audiences online with her charming presence.

Islah Gates is a cool kid from America, famous because her dad is the rapper Kevin Gates and her mom is an Instagram influencer named Dreka Gates. 

Even though she’s still young, many people like her, and she’s getting famous on the internet. let’s explore her life with us 

About Islah Koren Gates – Dive Into Islah Gates’ World!

In the world of social media and famous people, Islah Koren Gates shines brightly. Even though she’s young, Islah has become a favorite for many people, making her mark online.

Being the daughter of famous rapper Kevin Gates and Instagram influencer Dreka Gates, Islah Koren Gates is known for her cheerful and unique personality. What makes Islah special is her famous parents and her ability to be herself online.

Islah’s honesty and openness in sharing her life, from family moments to simple joys, make her relatable. This realness is what makes people excited to follow her online. 

As a rising influencer, Islah spreads positivity through her posts, sharing messages of kindness, self-love, and embracing who you are. In a world where social media can sometimes be harmful, Islah is like a breath of fresh air, offering inspiration and good vibes.

About Islah Koren Gates
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1. Islah Koren Gates’s Dad – Here to know!

Islah’s dad is Kevin Gates. He’s a famous American rapper, singer, and entrepreneur. He started his career in 2007 when he signed with Dead Game Records and was born on February 5, 1996, making him 37 years old in 2023.

After starting his music journey, Kevin Gates became successful. He made many mixtapes, singles, and albums like Islah (2016), Khaza (2022), and I’m Him (2019), which became super popular globally. Kevin Gates and his daughter Islah have a strong bond. They spend a lot of time together, and Islah even goes with her dad to his tours and concerts.

At a show in Austin, Texas, during the Luca Brasi 3 tour, she rocked the stage just like her dad! She copied his dance moves and actions perfectly. It’s clear she’s on her way to becoming a star.

2. Islah Koren Gates’s Mother – Connect With Her Mom! 

Islah’s mom, Dreka Gates, was born on August 31, 1986, making her 37 years old in 2023. Dreka is not just a mom; she’s also a businesswoman, social media star, YouTuber, and someone famous on the internet.

She started a record label called the Bread Winner’s Association in 2010 with Kevin. She has gained popularity on Instagram, boasting a following of over 2 million. Drek posts cool pictures where she models and talks about different brands.

Her YouTube channel, named after herself, has over 180,000 subscribers. Dreka has been in a couple of music videos made by her husband, like the ones called ‘Dreka’ and ‘Power.

3. Her Age And Birthday – Discover Her Timeless Charm!

Islah Koren Gates, born November 30, 2012, is turning ten in 2022 and a Sagittarius. Living in the United States, she’s the first child of her parents, Kevin and Dreka Gates. Islah’s dad is a rapper from Louisiana, and her mom is famous on Instagram.

Islah has a little brother named Khaza Kamil Gates, born on May 10, 2014. Even though Islah’s parents got married in 2015, Islah herself was born in 2012.

4. Islah Koren Gates’ Stature And Weight – Explore Her Stats!

Islah is getting older, turning eight years old this year. We don’t have all the details about her size, like how tall or heavy she is, because that information has yet to be shared. Islah has pretty dark brown eyes and curly black hair, which makes her unique and nice.

5. Islah Koren Gates’ Personal Life – Dive Into Her Vibrant World!

Islah is still a kid and lives happily with her parents. Even though she’s young, many people like her on the internet.

Islah’s mom and dad, Kevin and Dreka Gates, met when they were in high school. After spending 14 years together, they got married on October 17, 2015, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in the United States.

But Kevin Gates has been in trouble with the law a few times for things like having drugs and guns. He even hit a woman at a concert. So, Islah’s mom, Dreka, plays a significant role in helping Kevin make positive changes in his life.

6. Islah Gates’ Career – Let’s Find Out!

Islah is still a child, and she hasn’t done anything terrible. Her dad is a famous rapper and singer, so maybe she’ll be like him one day. Or she could be like her mom, a big deal on Instagram.

6. Islah Gates’ Career – Let’s Find Out!
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Islah’s dad, Kevin, began making music in 2013 with The Luca Brasi Story mixtape. His album ‘Stranger Than Fiction’ even made it to number 37 on the Billboard 200 chart. He even named his first album after his daughter, and it reached the second spot on the Billboard 200 chart in the United States.

Now, her mom Dreka is also a big deal on social media, and she got into it because of her husband. She’s been in a bunch of videos with him. But that’s not all—Dreka runs a bunch of businesses. She has her own clothes and skincare lines, a special energy drink, and a business dealing with houses.

7. Islah Gates’ Net Worth – Discover The Wealth Of Success!

At the moment, Islah is busy with school since she’s still a student. Her parents, Kevin Gates and Dreka Gates, have worked hard to ensure she has a comfortable and pleasant life. Islah’s dad, Kevin Gates, is a cool musician. He works with Bread Winners and has a deal with Atlantic Records.

His success in music has given him around $1 million, helping Islah have a stable and happy life. Even though she’s too young to have a job, Islah enjoys the good things from her family’s success and the love they give her, making her life full of care and joy.

8. Get The Real Facts About Controversies And Rumours – Find Out What’s True!

Islah Koren Gates, being a young personality, is not immune to controversies and rumours circulating online. While some stories may be unintentional misinterpretations or misunderstandings, others might be deliberate attempts to create drama.

Fans and followers must verify information from credible sources and avoid spreading unconfirmed details. Despite the occasional rumors, focusing on the positive aspects of Islah’s journey is essential. Her online presence is characterized by joy, positivity, and relatability. 

By celebrating her achievements and cherishing the genuine moments she shares, followers can contribute to a supportive online community. 

In the world of social media, where misinformation can spread quickly, staying informed and promoting kindness ensures a healthier digital space for Islah and her growing audience.

9. Islah Gates On Social Media – Follow Her For Daily Inspiration!

Islah Koren Gates is an emerging presence on social media platforms, bringing her youthful charm to the digital world. She shares glimpses of her life with a captivating Instagram account, spreading joy and positivity to her growing audience.

From family moments to personal adventures, Islah’s social media reflects her authenticity and offers a delightful peek into the life of this young influencer. Islah extends her reach further on her self-titled YouTube channel, engaging with over 180,000 subscribers.

Through videos that showcase her interests, adventures, and family life, she creates a space that resonates with followers seeking relatable and uplifting content. 

Islah Gates On Social Media – Follow Her For Daily Inspiration!
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Islah Koren Gates is not just a young social media sensation but a source of inspiration for those who appreciate genuine, heartwarming moments in the online sphere.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How much time does Kevin Gates spend with his daughter?

Kevin Gates is recognized for actively participating in his daughter’s life and spending ample time with her.

2. Does Islah Gates have any brothers or sisters?

Islah Koren Gates has a little brother named Khaza Kamil Gates. The Gates family frequently shares glimpses of their close-knit bond on social media, offering fans a delightful view into their growing-up moments. Together, Islah and Khaza create cherished memories, contributing to the warmth and joy within their family.

3. Does Kevin Gates want more kids?

Kevin Gates has openly expressed his desire to have more children in interviews, though no official announcements or specific timelines have been provided. Fans are keen to follow his journey and await any updates he may choose to share about expanding his family in the future.

4. Does Islah Gates like music like her dad?

Islah is still young, and we’re not sure about her interests yet. We’ll have to wait and see if she’ll be into music like her dad.


In conclusion, Kevin Gates has shared his desire to have more kids in the future, though no official plans have been revealed. Fans are excitedly waiting for any updates on this aspect of his journey. 

Stay tuned for more news about Kevin Gates and his growing family.

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