Panda Express Beyond Orange Chicken – Discover The Story Behind It!

Panda Express Beyond Orange Chicken

There has been a notable shift in consumer preferences in recent years towards healthier and more sustainable dining options. In response to this trend, Panda Express, a prominent Chinese-American fast-food chain, ventured into plant-based cuisine with its innovative offering – Beyond Orange Chicken. 

Panda Express Beyond Orange Chicken, or BTOOC, is a plant-based version of the iconic Original Orange Chicken dish offered by Panda Express. Developed in collaboration with Beyond Meat, BTOOC aims to provide a meat-free alternative to cater to the preferences of vegetarian and vegan customers.

This article explores the story of Panda Express Beyond Orange Chicken, from when it first started to how customers reacted to it and what might happen next.

The Origin Of Beyond Orange Chicken – Discover The Fascinating Story Behind Panda Express!

Panda Express, renowned for its flavorful Chinese-American cuisine, traces the origins of its Beyond Orange Chicken back to the introduction of its Original Orange Chicken in 1987. This iconic dish, characterized by its tangy and sweet flavor profile, swiftly became a cornerstone of Panda Express’s menu, comprising a significant portion of its business over the years.

Acknowledging that more people are choosing to eat plant-based foods, Panda Express made a new version of its popular dish, Orange Chicken. They worked with Beyond Meat, which makes meat substitutes, to create Beyond the Original Orange Chicken (BTOOC). This new dish doesn’t have any meat, but it still has the same flavors people love.

The launch of BTOOC was a big step for Panda Express. It showed that the company wanted to try new things and make food everyone could enjoy. They worked with Beyond Meat, who knows a lot about making plant-based food, to create a version of their famous Orange Chicken without meat. This way, they wanted to offer something good for the planet that could be enjoyed by people who don’t eat meat.

By introducing Beyond Orange Chicken, Panda Express tried something new by mixing old flavors with what people like to eat nowadays. This showed that Panda Express is good at making new food and pays attention to what people want to eat now. It’s like they are keeping up with how food changes over time.

Even though Beyond Orange Chicken isn’t available right now, Panda Express wants to keep trying new things and offer more plant-based options. They’re always looking for tasty and eco-friendly ways to serve their customers. As food trends change, Panda Express is ready to try new flavors and keep everyone happy with their delicious meals.

The Launch And Reception – Experience The Plant-Based Innovation Of Panda Express Beyond Orange Chicken!

The launch of Beyond the Original Orange Chicken (BTOOC) by Panda Express was a big deal in fast-food history. They introduced it to 2,300 Panda Express restaurants by fall 2022. BTOOC was a new version of their famous Orange Chicken made with plant-based ingredients. It was made in partnership with Beyond Meat, a famous vegan company. People were excited to try it because it promised to taste like the original Orange Chicken but without any meat.

When BTOOC came out, many people went to Panda Express to try it. They liked its tangy and tasty flavor, just like the original. BTOOC became very popular, and Panda Express sold a lot of it. People liked having a healthier option to choose from at the restaurant.

But then, unexpectedly, Panda Express decided to stop selling BTOOC. This saddened many customers, and someone even started a petition on asking Panda Express to bring it back. 

People wondered why Panda Express stopped selling it and if they would ever offer it again. This whole situation got everyone talking about plant-based options at Panda Express and how important it is to have choices for different diets. Even though BTOOC isn’t on the menu anymore, it showed that people want more plant-based options in fast-food restaurants.

The Popularity And Discontinuation –  Let Your Voice Be Heard And Help Shape The Future Of Fast-Food Dining!

Even though many people liked it, Panda Express’s Beyond Orange Chicken suddenly disappeared from the menu, leaving customers confused and disappointed. People were excited when the plant-based version of their favorite dish was introduced, but it didn’t last long. 

Panda Express didn’t explain why they stopped serving it, which made customers even more upset. In response, Alyssa Ridenour started a petition to bring back Beyond Orange Chicken. Many people signed it, showing that they really wanted the dish to return.

The sudden disappearance of Beyond Orange Chicken left a gap in Panda Express’s menu and made people wonder if they would ever see more plant-based options there. Although Panda Express hasn’t said anything about bringing back the dish, the strong reaction from customers shows that there’s a big demand for tasty plant-based food choices.

As customers wait to see what happens next, the story of Beyond Orange Chicken reminds us that it’s important for restaurants to listen to what their customers want and to be clear about their decisions.

Customer Response And Future Prospects – Join The Conversation!

The reception of Panda Express Beyond Orange Chicken, both from customers and industry observers, has been a topic of interest since its introduction and subsequent discontinuation. Despite its short tenure on the menu, Beyond Orange Chicken elicited a strong response from patrons, particularly those seeking plant-based alternatives in fast-food establishments.

Customer Feedback:

Many customers embraced Beyond Orange Chicken as a welcome addition to Panda Express’s menu, praising its taste, texture, and resemblance to the original dish. The plant-based twist appealed to vegetarians, vegans, and health-conscious individuals seeking meat-free options without compromising on flavor. Social media platforms and online forums buzzed with discussions and positive reviews of Beyond Orange Chicken, highlighting its potential to attract a diverse customer base.

However, the discontinuation of Beyond Orange Chicken left a void for those who had grown fond of the vegan offering. Alyssa Ridenour’s petition on, expressing disappointment and urging Panda Express to reconsider its decision, garnered significant traction and support. The petition’s success in surpassing 5,000 signatures underscored the depth of customer demand for plant-based alternatives at Panda Express.

Future Prospects – Stay Updated On The Latest Developments In Fast-Food!

The future of Panda Express Beyond Orange Chicken remains uncertain, with the company neither confirming its return nor providing insights into its long-term plans for plant-based options. However, the overwhelming support for Beyond Orange Chicken signals a potential opportunity for Panda Express to revisit its plant-based offerings and explore avenues for innovation.

The demand for plant-based cuisine continues to rise in an era marked by increasing awareness of sustainability, health, and ethical considerations. Panda Express, like many other food establishments, may recognize the importance of catering to diverse dietary preferences and staying attuned to evolving consumer trends.

While the fate of Beyond Orange Chicken hangs in the balance, its brief stint on Panda Express’s menu serves as a catalyst for broader conversations about the role of plant-based options in mainstream dining. 


2. Why was Beyond Orange Chicken discontinued?

Despite its initial popularity, Panda Express decided to discontinue Beyond Orange Chicken, leading to disappointment among customers who had grown fond of the vegan option. The reasons behind this decision remain undisclosed by Panda Express, sparking speculation and prompting a petition for its return.

3. Will Panda Express bring back Beyond Orange Chicken?

While Panda Express has not confirmed the return of Beyond Orange Chicken, the significant support garnered by the petition advocating for its reinstatement indicates a strong consumer demand for plant-based options at the fast-food chain. The future of Beyond Orange Chicken remains uncertain, but its temporary absence has sparked conversations about the role of plant-based cuisine in mainstream dining.


Panda Express Beyond Orange Chicken is a big effort by the fast-food restaurant to offer more plant-based options and keep up with what customers want. 

While its discontinuation raised questions about the future of Panda Express’s plant-based options, the overwhelming customer support underscores the growing demand for meat-free alternatives in the dining landscape. 


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