Preparing Your House for Window Replacement

Preparing Your House for Window Replacement

Replacing your old, cracked, or worn-out windows may be a necessary maintenance step for your home. Prepare your house before the replacement date to help the project run smoothly. Prior preparation helps your window installers to get this job done quickly and efficiently. Here are a few ways to prepare your house for window replacement:

Clear the Space Around Your Windows

Your professional window installers require easy access to your windows that need replacing. They also require ample space around the windows for placing and moving their equipment. Remove any clutter surrounding your window from the interior and exterior of your house.

You may also need to clean up the yard and make a clear path for accessing the windows. Start with any obstructions such as sticks, lawn ornaments, and patio furniture.

Inside your house, move any furniture, rugs, potted plants, and appliances away from the windows. Contact your installers before the replacement date to inquire about how much space they need.

Remove Window Coverings and Wall Hangings

Remove all curtains, blinds, shades, and hardware around your windows. This job can take a few hours, especially if you’re removing blinds. The installation process will likely cause some vibrations on your wall. Remove wall hangings like murals, paintings, mirrors, and photos near the windows.

Doing this prevents them from falling and breaking during window replacement. Keep all your window coverings and wall hangings safe and away from the windows and access paths.

Disarm Your Alarm

Certain models of home security alarms rely on vibrations to trigger an alarm. If your house has an alarm system, disarm it before the window replacement time.

Removing the old windows, drilling holes, and installing new windows can create vibrations that might trigger a false alarm. If you can’t disarm the alarm, contact your home security company for help.

Remove any motion sensors and cameras mounted on your windows. If you are unable to uninstall them yourself, your home security company can help complete this job.

Removing these devices prevents them from getting damaged during the replacement process. Schedule a time to reinstall the devices after the window project is finished.

Cover Your Furniture and Flooring

Window replacement can be a messy project. Dirt and dust from your old windows can land on your furniture and flooring. Cover your sofas, tables, mattresses, and shelves with sheets or towels to prevent them from collecting dirt.

You may also want to lay down plastic sheeting or cloths to cover your flooring. Cover the flooring from the door to the windows to provide maximum protection.

Covering your furniture and flooring not only prevents them from getting dirty but also protects them from getting scratched when moving equipment during replacement.

Hire Professional Services for Window Replacement

Schedule a walk-through with the window installation company to make sure you have properly prepared your home. Your installers can also examine your house and recommend suitable replacement windows that fit your needs and specifications. Seek professional window replacement services today to give your home a modern, refreshed look.

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