Should I Try Cox Internet In 2024?

Should I Try Cox Internet

As the year is about to end, I am sure you’ll have your new year resolutions already. How about you change your old internet provider for once and try Cox Internet in 2024?

You must be tired of calling your internet service provider to fix your connection, in Cox, you won’t face such troubles as Cox is one of the most reliable internet service providers.

Cox Communications is the 3rd largest broadband network in the US, available in 18 states. The provider aims to expand the network more so that it can reach to more and more buyers. Cox has been phenomenal in customer dealing.
In this guide, I’ll explain why you should have Cox Internet in your house in 2024.

Advantages of having Cox Internet

Here are some of the advantages you get from Cox.

Constant Speed

You might see couple of internet service providers who claims to be one of the fastest but when it comes to providing a constant speed, you know what happens. If we talk about Cox Internet, the provider is outstanding in providing a constant speed to the users.

Multiple Options

Cox Internet comes with multiple options and let users decide what fits their house more. Don’t worry, if you select 100mbps plan and then realize that you needed 250mbps. You can change the plan anytime without any charge.

30 Days Money Back

In case if you are not liking the service and you’ve spent your savings, chill because your money will be safe with Cox as the provider has a 30 days full refund policy,

Fair Price

I am sure you have googled every internet service provider, if you think that Cox is charging you a bit extra then I should tell you how you as a user are being trapped under promotional price. Other networks offer promotional price to gain more buyers but if you choose Cox over others, it only offers a standard rate and that you’ll have to pay under no term agreement. Amazing, right?

Mobile Hotspot

Cox Communications installed more than 4 million Cox hotspots around the state so that the Cox user stay connected wherever they are. In order to connect with the hotspot, you simply need to follow these steps.

  • Search for Cox Wi-Fi hotspot nearby
  • Connect it.
  • You need to open Browser and there you may see a log in page.
  • Enter your Cox user ID and password.
  • Enjoy with Cox!

Customer Support

Cox Communications has one of the best customer support, in case if you choose Easy Installation and you get stuck in the middle of your installation. You don’t need to worry about anything because the team will make sure to find the best possible solution for you.

I am sure no other provider will facilitate you with such services. How about I show you what Cox offers in their internet plans to have more clarity?

Cox Internet – Plans

Cox offers multiple plans for the consumers so that they can pick the best suitable plan.

1. Go Fast

The plan is pretty good for those who are not high-end users as it arrives with a good 100mbps download speed. The speed would be enough for someone who wants to stay updated on social media or someone who loves to watch memes. Starts with $49.99 per month only.

2. Go Faster

The plan is the economical one and is suitable for a small family as it arrives with a blazing 250mbps when it comes to download. If you are a person who watch YouTube, or on any platform. The plan starts with $69.99 per month only.

3. Even Faster

Even Faster is the new talk of the town as it is the user’s most favorite plan. The package arrives at your doorstep with flashy 500mbps download speed. You can easily watch movies in 4k, can play whatever games you want. All included in just $109.99 per month.

4. Super-Fast

If you still believe in more is always better, then Cox has a solution for you. The plan comes with an unbelievable 1gbps of download speed, so if you are working from home, or if you are a filmmaker who uploads content on YouTube, the plan would be a perfect choice for you and your house. It all comes with $139.99 p/m.

5. Beyond Fast

If you want to experience the most premium package in Cox, then you should only be looking at “Beyond Fast” as the plan arrives with a lightning speed of 2gbps download. I don’t think, nothing would be impossible with such speed. You just need to check if your area has this plan or not. If yes, then you should definitely opt this plan.


Cox has been proving to be one of the best in the market over the years. The provider stands alone when it comes to providing relevant speed to what they advertise. If you want to have a hassle-free connection, then you should definitely consider Cox Internet.

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