Unexpected Ways Instagram Has Influenced A Change in Global Trends

Unexpected Ways Instagram Has Influenced A Change in Global Trends

Social media platforms have become more than mere communication tools; they are cultural phenomena shaping our lives in profound ways. Among these, Instagram, with its visually driven format, has emerged as a significant influencer in various spheres of life, from beauty and travel to food and activism.

This article delves into how Instagram has unexpectedly changed the world, transforming societal norms, consumer behavior, and even our collective consciousness.

Diversifying Beauty Standards

Instagram’s influence on beauty standards is a tale of two contrasting realities. On one side, the platform has been criticized for fostering unrealistic beauty ideals through a proliferation of filtered and edited images. These portrayals, often epitomizing perfection, have been linked to negative impacts on mental health, particularly among young people.

The issue stems from setting unattainable beauty standards that lead to widespread body image concerns and lowered self-esteem. This environment has also led to a surge in services that promise to buy real Instagram likes, further complicating the platform’s impact on beauty perceptions.

Conversely, Instagram also serves as a groundbreaking platform for diversifying and democratizing beauty norms. Unlike traditional media’s narrow portrayal of beauty, Instagram offers a more inclusive and accessible stage for real, unfiltered representation.

The platform is a beacon for plus-size, transgender, and disabled influencers, among others, who are redefining beauty standards. Their presence and influence are not just reshaping societal views but also compelling major beauty brands to broaden their perspectives.

Once criticized for their limited representation, these brands are now embracing inclusivity in their marketing and product lines, acknowledging the diverse and authentic beauty showcased on Instagram.

This dichotomy highlights Instagram’s complex role in shaping beauty norms. While it can perpetuate some unrealistic ideals, it simultaneously provides a potent space for challenging and redefining these standards.

Instagram’s ability to amplify a diverse range of voices has sparked essential dialogues about beauty, inclusivity, and representation, marking it as a significant catalyst in the evolution of beauty standards in the digital era.

Revolutionizing Travel Experiences

Instagram has indeed revolutionized the way we explore the world, transforming travel behaviours and destinations. This platform, a virtual treasure trove of travel inspiration, places a world of idyllic spots right in the palm of our hands. The influence of Instagram on travel is multifaceted and profound.

It’s not just about seeing these places; it’s about experiencing them through the lens of those who have been there before. According to research by Facebook, an astounding 70% of travel enthusiasts using travel-related hashtags on Instagram share their plans, while 67% look to the platform for inspiration for new journeys.

This phenomenon, termed ‘Insta-tourism’, underscores the platform’s role in shaping not only where we travel but also how we choose our destinations.

Instagram’s impact on travel is evident in the rise of ‘Instagrammable’ locations – spots that gain popularity primarily due to their photogenic appeal.

A striking example is the world’s highest and longest glass-bottom bridge in China, which, in 2016, had to close just thirteen days after opening due to an overwhelming influx of tourists seeking to capture their perfect Instagram shot.

While Instagram has undeniably broadened our travel horizons, bringing previously lesser-known destinations into the spotlight, it also raises significant concerns.

Over-tourism, prompted by this quest for the perfect Instagram photo, often leads to environmental and cultural strains. The influx of tourists, while beneficial for local economies, can also jeopardize the very beauty and authenticity that made these places appealing, leading to issues of environmental sustainability and cultural commodification.

Flat Lay: A Photographic Phenomenon

Instagram’s influence on photography styles has been monumental, particularly in popularizing the flat-lay trend. Once a niche style, flat lay photography has surged into the mainstream, thanks to the visual-centric nature of the platform.

Typified by its overhead shots of items artfully arranged on a flat surface, this style resonates remarkably with Instagram’s aesthetic. A quick search for #flatlay on Instagram yields over five million results, showcasing the widespread appeal of this photographic approach.

The flat lay’s appeal lies in its simplicity and visual appeal, making it a perfect fit for the Instagram grid. It stands out in the cluttered space of selfies and standard shots, offering a refreshing perspective.

This style’s popularity has led to the emergence of dedicated accounts like @flatlay and @flatlays, which curate and share exceptional flat-lay photography, amassing thousands of followers who share a love for this unique style.

Additionally, the internet is now replete with how-to articles and tutorials aimed at helping enthusiasts master the art of the perfect flat lay shot. The rise of flat-lay photography on Instagram underscores the platform’s role in shaping not just what we see but how we see it, turning everyday objects into a canvas for creative expression.

Sparking New Food Trends

The impact of Instagram on the culinary world extends far beyond mere visual appeal. It has revolutionized not only food presentation but also culinary innovation, giving rise to numerous trends such as artisanal coffee, visually stunning rainbow-colored desserts, and aesthetically pleasing health bowls.

Restaurants and cafes are increasingly designing dishes and spaces with ‘Instagramability’ in mind. A visually striking dish or a uniquely themed interior can attract customers and generate significant marketing buzz as patrons share their experiences online.

However, this focus on aesthetics has its detractors, with some critics arguing that the emphasis on visual appeal sometimes overshadows the quality and taste of the food, leading to a culture where appearance trumps substance.

Creating Social Brands

Instagram has emerged as a powerful tool for brand building, particularly in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle sectors. Many brands have found immense success largely through their presence on the platform, using it as a direct channel for engaging with consumers and building a more personal connection.

This approach has been especially beneficial for small businesses, for whom Instagram provides a low-cost marketing channel with a potentially global reach. The platform enables these businesses to showcase their products and brand stories, reaching out to their target audience more effectively than traditional advertising channels.

Mobilizing Activism

Instagram’s role in activism cannot be understated. The platform has become a key tool for spreading information and mobilizing support on various issues, from social justice and political movements to environmental concerns.

Hashtags and viral campaigns have the power to bring global attention to specific issues, translating online activism into real-world impact, such as organizing protests and influencing policy decisions.

However, this also raises the issue of ‘slacktivism’, questioning the depth of engagement and tangible outcomes of online activism, as the ease of supporting a cause on social media doesn’t always translate into concrete, offline action.

Creating a New Breed of Influencers

One of the most significant impacts of Instagram is the emergence of a new breed of influencers. These individuals, often with substantial followings, have the power to shape public opinion and trends. Brands recognize the value of collaborating with influencers for marketing, leveraging their ability to effectively engage with and influence audiences.

This trend has sparked debates about the authenticity of content and the commercialization of personal lives, as the line between genuine recommendations and paid advertising becomes increasingly blurred in the influencers’ content.


Instagram’s influence on our world is multifaceted and profound. It has redefined beauty standards, altered travel patterns, created new photographic styles, sparked food trends, facilitated brand building, mobilized activism, and birthed a new era of influencers.

As the platform continues to evolve, its impact will undoubtedly grow, reflecting and shaping the zeitgeist of our digital age.

In navigating this landscape, it is crucial to be aware of both the opportunities and challenges posed by such a powerful social media platform. Instagram is not just a window into our world; it is a lens that shapes how we see and interact with it.

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