What is Redyag.Store – Find out if it’s safe or a potential scam!


Redyag. Store is an online shopping website with a reputation for being untrustworthy. With a history of suspicious practices, such as using plagiarized content, a lack of social media presence, and unrealistic discounts, it is advisable to exercise caution.

Therefore, numerous customer complaints and a low trust score indicate potential scam activity associated with the Redyag. Store.

Discover The Details About Redyag. Store – Get the facts now!

Source: Trusted Reviews

1. Products

Redyag. store offers a variety of products, including items like New, 4 Wheels EW-14 Four Wheel Scooters, Intelligent Sterilization Rotating Shoe Cabinets, and Shiatsu Massage Chairs with built-in heat and air massage systems.

Moreover, Bluetooth Multifunctional Electric Baby Swings and WiFi Movie Projectors (2022 Upgrade 9000L with Synchronize Smartphone Screen). 

2. Prices

However, the prices listed on this website are often meagre and may seem too good to be true. This could be a sign of potential scam activity.

3. Exchange Policy

Regarding their exchange policy, the Redyag. store needs to provide transparent information. It’s essential to be aware that their lack of transparency on return and exchange policies is a red flag, and we recommend exercising caution.

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4. Delivery 

Regarding the delivery process, specific details about shipping methods, estimated delivery times, and shipping costs may need to be more readily available and reliable. Many customers have reported poor delivery times and issues with their orders from Redyag. Store. 

Therefore, it’s crucial to be cautious when purchasing from this website. Always research and assess the risks before making a decision.

Technical Analysis of Redyag. Store – Unlock the Tech Insights!

1. Domain Information:

Domain Name: Redyag. store

Domain Registration Date: November 28, 2022

2. Owner and Registrar Information:

The owner’s identity is unclear, and the owner uses a privacy protection service.

Registrar: NameSilo, LLC

3. Website Security:

The website has a valid SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt. So, the data transmission between your computer and the website is encrypted, enhancing security.

4. WHOIS Information:

WHOIS Information
source: techslang

The WHOIS’s last update date is August 31, 2023.

The WHOIS renewal date is November 28, 2023.

5. Social Media Presence:

Redyag. store has no social media presence. It suggests a need for more transparency and the possibility that the website is deliberately avoiding public scrutiny and customer interaction, raising suspicions about its credibility.

6. Webshop Description:

The website has a low Tranco rank, indicating it receives few visitors. This minimal traffic could suggest a need for more popularity.

Other suspicious websites are hosted on the same server as Redyag. Store. The registrar used for this website is associated with a high percentage of spammers and fraud sites, indicating potential issues with vetting.

The website’s domain is relatively young.  New websites can carry more risk, and many scam sites have short lifespans.

Customer’s Review – Make Informed Decisions Today!

Customer’s Review
source: nowtonvillage

1. Non-Delivery: 

Many customers have reported not receiving the products they ordered from Redyag.store, even after a significant amount of time had passed since their order was placed.

2. Wrong or Substandard Products:

 Some customers mentioned receiving items that were different from what they had ordered. These items were often of low quality or not as described on the website.

3. Lack of Customer Support: 

Customers have needed help for assistance or refunds at Redyag. store. Both email and phone support have been reported as unresponsive.

4. Unrealistic Discounts:

The website offers products at deep discounts, which are often considered too good to be true. It has raised suspicions among customers.

Key Steps to Ensure a Safe Online Shopping Experience – Protect yourself!

1. Research the Website:

Check the website’s domain age and registration date. New or recently registered domains can be riskier. Use online tools to look up the website’s trust score, reviews, and any reported scams associated with it.

2. Check for Secure Connections:

Ensure that the website has a valid SSL certificate. Look for “https://” in the URL and a padlock symbol in the browser’s address bar.

3. Verify Contact Information:

Check for clear and accessible contact information, including a physical address, phone number, and a responsive customer support email.

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4. Look for Reviews and Ratings:

Search for customer reviews and ratings of the website on trusted review platforms and forums. Negative feedback is a red flag.

5. Beware of Unrealistic Discounts:

Be cautious of deals that seem too good to be true. Scammers often entice shoppers with deep discounts on products.

6. Check for Plagiarism:

Use online tools to check if the website’s content is plagiarised or copied from other sources.

7. Trust Your Instincts:

If something doesn’t feel right about a website, trust your gut and avoid making a purchase.

8. Use Secure Payment Methods:

When making payments online, use reputable payment methods that offer buyer protection, like credit cards or PayPal.

9. Keep Personal Information Secure:

Keep Personal Information Secure
source: passcamp

Avoid sharing excessive personal information with the website. Only provide the necessary details for the transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is Redyag. Store a trustworthy website?

No, based on reviews and analysis, Redyag. Store has a low trust score and is associated with potential scam activity.

2. How can I protect myself from scam websites like Redyag?

To protect yourself, research the website’s trustworthiness, check for secure connections, verify contact information, read reviews, and avoid deals that seem too good to be true. 

3. How can I identify potential scam websites?

Look for red flags such as low trust scores, hidden owner information, unclear contact details, plagiarized content, and unrealistic discounts when assessing a website’s legitimacy.


In a nutshell, Redyag. Store appears to be an online shop, marked by suspicious practices, unreal discounts, and a lack of transparency. Shoppers should avoid it to safeguard their finances and make informed purchases elsewhere.

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