A Deep Dive Into “The Bully In-Charge” – Presenting Power and Redemption!

The Bully In-Charge

In the manhwa world, where diverse stories unfold, “The Bully In-Charge” stands out as a convincing story of resilience, redemption, and the thorny dance between power and vulnerability. 

This exciting tale takes us on a journey through the life of a young boy, abandoned by his family, who rises above ruthless bullying, ultimately transforming into a tough force.

A Lone Fighter’s Genesis – From Orphanhood To Overcoming Bullying!

At the story’s genesis, we meet a alone boy, empty of family ties, enduring the cruel sting of relentless bullying.

Forced out of the traditional education system due to the torment he faces, our protagonist decides that enough is enough. 

Determined to rewrite his story, he embarks on a solitary journey of self-improvement and empowerment.

From Victim to Victor – A Conflict at the Convenience Store!

As the boy blossoms into a rigid figure, we witness a climactic moment at the convenience store where he works. Confronted by a younger bully demanding cigarettes, the atmosphere crackles with tension. 

Refusing to yield, our protagonist faces the anger of the bully and his gang. In a surprising twist, the tables turn dramatically as he effortlessly dispatches each opponent with a single blow.

A Legend Resurfaces – Kwon Dae-geon Returns!

The defeated bullies reluctantly recognize our protagonist as none other than Kwon Dae-geon, a legendary figure known for his power in the Incheon area during the age of bloodshed. 

The revelation adds layers to the story, hinting at a dark past and an era of violence that marked Kwon Dae-geon’s name.

The Offer– Iljin is in Charge of Iljin!

Enter a mysterious girl from an agency with a fascinating proposition. The agency, named the Golden Dragon Education Foundation, introduces a project known as “iljin in charge of iljin.” 

This bold industry aims to control school bullies by employing individuals who once wielded power as bullies themselves.

The agency, recognizing Kwon Dae-geon’s strength and reputation, extends an offer. Kwon Dae-geon, initially hesitant, is eventually convinced to sign a contract. 

The mysterious girl, with her company card in hand, bridges the past and present, offering Kwon Dae-geon a chance at redemption.

Back to School – A Unique Chapter Unfolds!

Armed with the agency’s backing, Kwon Dae-geon finds himself back at school, but this time as a powerful figure tasked with controlling the very bullies he once faced. 

The manga takes an unexpected turn as he navigates the complex dynamics of the project, attempting to quell violence with a controlled use of force.

What genre does “The Bully In-Charge” belong to? – Allow me to tell you!

The Bully In-Charge” falls within several genres, combining elements to create a multifaceted narrative that appeals to a diverse audience. The primary genres associated with the manhwa include:

Action: The story is infused with action sequences, showcasing intense physical conflicts and battles. The protagonist’s journey involves overcoming challenges through his strength and combat skills.

Drama: The manga explores the dramatic aspects of the protagonist’s life, from his early experiences as a victim of bullying to his transformation into a powerful figure involved in a unique project. Themes of redemption and personal growth contribute to the dramatic tension within the story.

School Life: The setting of the manhwa is primarily within a school environment. The narrative delves into the dynamics of school life, including bullying, relationships, and the challenges faced by students.

Supernatural/Thriller: While not explicitly mentioned in the summary provided, there may be supernatural or thriller elements introduced as the story unfolds. 

The agency and the unique project involving controlling bullies through former bullies hint at potential twists and turns that could introduce supernatural or thriller elements to the narrative.

By blending these genres, “The Bully In-Charge” offers readers a dynamic and engaging storyline that combines the physicality of action, the emotional depth of drama, the relatability of school life, and the potential intrigue of supernatural or thriller elements. 

This genre fusion allows the manhwa to explore a range of themes and appeal to a broader audience with varied storytelling elements

Don’t know what “Iljin” means? – Let me tell you in detail!

“Iljin” (also written as “일진” in Hangul) is a Korean term that refers to delinquents or individuals engaged in problematic and often antisocial behavior. 

In the context of the manhwa you mentioned, “The Bully In-Charge,” the term is likely associated with the portrayal of school bullies or individuals with a history of engaging in violent or unruly behavior. 

The story seems to revolve around the dynamics of such individuals and the attempt to control or utilize their influence through a project called “iljin in charge of iljin.”

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Who is the main character, Kwon Dae-geon?

Kwon Dae-geon is the protagonist of the story. Once a victim of bullying, he transforms into a powerful figure, known for his dominance in the Incheon area during a turbulent period.

2. What is the significance of the Golden Dragon Education Foundation?

The foundation introduces the project “iljin in charge of iljin,” aiming to control bullying by employing individuals with a history of being bullies. It serves as a bridge between Kwon Dae-geon’s past and his present role.

3. How does the story explore themes of redemption and power?

“The Bully In-Charge” delves into the transformative journey of its protagonist, showcasing his evolution from a bullied loner to a powerful figure tasked with controlling violence. The manhwa raises questions about the responsible use of power and the possibility of redemption.


“In ‘The Bully In-Charge,’ Kwon Dae-geon’s transformation explores power dynamics, bullying consequences, and redemption. A must-read for action fans seeking moral complexity.”

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