Delving into “The Beginning After The End” Manhwa

Delving into The Beginning After The End Manhwa

Embark on a journey through the fascinating world of “The Beginning After The End,” where fantasy, magic, and reincarnation intertwine to create a gripping tale. 

“The Beginning After The End” is a Korean webtoon (manhwa) by TurtleMe and Fuyuki23. It follows Arthur Leywin, a reincarnated king, navigating a world of magic, martial arts, and mysteries.

In this article, we’ll explore the origins, plot difficulties, and overall appeal of this renowned manhwa that has captured the hearts of manga enthusiasts worldwide.

The Birth of “The Beginning After The End” –Discover the creative genius behind the manhwa!

“The Beginning After The End” is a Korean webtoon known as a manhwa that has enchanted readers with its unique blend of fantasy, adventure, and reincarnation themes.

Crafted by TurtleMe, the author, and brought to life through the illustrations of Fuyuki23, this tale takes readers on an extraordinary journey through a world brimming with magic, martial arts, and unexpected twists.

Dive into the World of Arthur Leywin– Meet the protagonist and uncover the story’s central themes!

1. Arthur’s Odyssey:

At the core of “The Beginning After The End” lies the story of Arthur Leywin, a former powerful king who undergoes reincarnation into a realm vastly different from his previous life. 

The narrative explores Arthur’s second chance at life, where his past experiences and memories serve as both a blessing and a curse. 

Readers witness his struggle to navigate this new existence, facing challenges, discovering latent powers, and unraveling the mysteries that shroud his past.

Dive into the World of Arthur Leywin
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2. Magic, Martial Arts, and More

The world in which Arthur finds himself is richly detailed, with magic and martial arts playing integral roles. 

As Arthur learns to harness his newfound abilities, readers are treated to spectacular battles, magical realms, and a diverse array of characters. 

The juxtaposition of Arthur’s memories from his previous life with the challenges of his current one adds layers of complexity to the narrative, making it a compelling read for fans of fantasy and adventure.

The Artistic Tapestry: Fuyuki23’s Illustrations

Appreciate the visual feast that accompanies the gripping narrative.

1. Vibrant and Detailed World-Building:

Fuyuki23’s illustrations bring the fantastical world of “The Beginning After The End” to life. The attention to detail in character designs, magical landscapes, and action sequences enhances the overall reading experience. 

Each panel is a visual treat, capturing the essence of the story and immersing readers in the intricacies of the manhwa’s universe.

2. Conveying Emotions Through Characters:

One notable aspect of Fuyuki23’s artistry is the ability to convey a wide range of emotions through character expressions. 

Whether it’s the determination in Arthur’s eyes during a heated battle or the subtleties of a character’s reaction to a plot twist, the illustrations effectively convey the emotional depth of the narrative.

The Allure and Endurance of “The Beginning After The End”

Why does this manhwa continues to captivate audiences.

Riveting Plot Twists and Pacing:

One of the strengths of “The Beginning After The End” is its ability to keep readers on the edge of their seats with unexpected plot twists. 

The narrative pacing is skillfully crafted, balancing action-packed sequences with moments of introspection, allowing readers to connect with the characters on a deeper level.

Character Development and Relationships:

The characters in the manhwa undergo significant development, adding layers to their personalities and motivations. 

The relationships forged, whether friendships or conflicts contribute to the overall richness of the story. Readers find themselves emotionally invested in the fates of these characters, a witness to the storytelling prowess of TurtleMe.

The Allure and Endurance of "The Beginning After The End"
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Community Engagement and Fan Theories:

The expansive and dedicated fanbase of “The Beginning After The End” has fostered a vibrant online community. Fans engage in discussions, share theories, and eagerly await each new chapter. 

This sense of camaraderie adds an extra dimension to the reading experience, creating a shared journey through the intricacies of the manhwa.


1. Where can I read “The Beginning After The End”?

The manhwa is typically available on Webtoon platforms, with Webtoon being a popular choice. Check for official releases to support the creators.

2. How often are new chapters released?

Release schedules may vary, but readers can generally expect new chapters on a weekly basis. Stay tuned to the official platform for the latest updates.

3. Is there an official translation for non-Korean readers?

Yes, “The Beginning After The End” has been translated into various languages, allowing a global audience to enjoy the captivating story.

4. Is there an anime adaptation in the works?

As of my last knowledge update in January 2023, there hasn’t been any official announcement regarding an anime adaptation. Keep an eye on official sources for the latest news.


The Beginning After The End captivates with its compelling narrative, well-developed characters, and enchanting artistry. A must-read for fantasy fans, promising excitement, mystery, and magic.

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