Is a Scam or Legit – Unveiling the Truth!


There is a low trust score for, indicating potential concerns and risks associated with the website. The factors contributing to this low trust score might include newness, lack of customer reviews, absence of social media presence, and other indicators commonly associated with questionable or potentially scam websites.

While ScamAdviser’s trust score can provide a general assessment of a website’s legitimacy, it’s important to note that it’s not a definitive judgment. 

There are instances where a website might receive a low trust score due to being new or having limited online presence, even if it’s a legitimate business. Conversely, a high trust score doesn’t guarantee absolute safety.

Curious About Rovaens.Shop – Don’t Miss Out On Vital Information! is an online retail platform that offers a diverse range of products spanning from household appliances to entertainment gadgets and outdoor equipment. 

Their inventory includes items such as Smeg Retro Style coffee maker machines, Smart TV sound bars, Sony PlayStation VR systems, air mattresses with comfort coil technology, and various toys for children aged 4 and up, including the NERF Elite Titan CS-50 toy blaster, Magnetic Dart board, The Harry Potter final challenge chess set.’s return policy grants customers a 30-day window for initiating returns. However, these returns must be fixed by certain conditions to be eligible for consideration. In the case of items experiencing delayed dispatch due to customization or stocking, there may be a delay of 1-2 days before shipping.

Lack of transparency in the return policy, along with the website’s overall lack of credibility, warrants caution for potential customers considering purchases from this platform.

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Reasons Raises Suspicion – Potential Scam Alert!

  • New Website:’s recent creation in June 2022 raises concerns due to its limited online history and track record.
  • Limited Reviews: The absence of customer reviews on the site and the lack of external feedback contribute to a lack of credibility.
  • Absence of Social Media Presence: The website’s lack of engagement on social media platforms is a common sign of potential unreliability.
  • Unrealistic Product Range: Offering an extensive array of products, from toys to electronics, at significantly discounted prices is suspicious and uncommon.
  • Personal PayPal Link: The use of a personal PayPal link instead of a business one is a potential indicator of untrustworthiness.
  • Mismatched Product Names: Instances where the name during a PayPal purchase doesn’t match the shop’s name can indicate deception.
  • Inconsistent Information: The website’s unclear product sourcing, pricing, and a wide array of offerings raise doubts about transparency.

 How Can You Guard Against Potential Scams – Protect Yourself!

Guard Against Potential Scams
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  • Research Thoroughly: Investigate the website thoroughly before making any purchases. Look for customer reviews, check their social media presence, and assess their trustworthiness.
  • Check Contact Information: Legitimate businesses provide clear contact details. If the website lacks a physical address, phone number, or customer service email, it’s a warning sign.
  • Secure Payment: Use secure payment methods, like credit cards or PayPal, that offer purchase protection. Avoid sites that only accept wire transfers or personal payment links.
  • Evaluate Deals: Be cautious of deals that seem too good to be true. Unrealistically low prices can be an indicator of a scam.
  • SSL Encryption: Ensure the website has an SSL certificate (look for “https://” in the URL). This indicates a secure connection for data transmission.
  • Trust Your Instincts: If something feels off or fishy about a website, trust your gut feeling and don’t proceed with any transactions.
  • Independent Reviews: Rely on independent reviews and feedback from reputable sources or platforms like Trustpilot to gauge a website’s authenticity.
  • Avoid Sharing Personal Information: Don’t share sensitive personal information beyond what’s necessary for the transaction.
  • Read Policies: Carefully review the return, refund, and privacy policies. A lack of transparency can signal a potential scam.
  • Stay Updated: Keep yourself informed about common online scams and tactics scammers use. Regular awareness can help you spot potential threats.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell if an online store is a scam?

Look for red flags like missing contact information, an absence of customer reviews, unrealistically low prices, and an unclear product range. Trustworthy sites have secure payment options, SSL encryption, and transparent policies.

Are customer reviews on the website trustworthy?

They can be, but be cautious. Scammers can create fake reviews. Look for reviews on independent platforms like Trustpilot for a more accurate assessment.

What steps should I take if I’ve been scammed?

Contact your bank or payment provider immediately to report the scam. Change any compromised passwords and consider reporting the incident to your local consumer protection agency.


In summary, raises significant concerns that suggest a potential scam. The absence of customer reviews, limited online presence, mismatched PayPal transactions, unrealistic product range, and unclear policies create a suspicious environment. 

While not definitive,all these reasons indicate the need for caution. To stay safe, opt for well-established and reputable online retailers. When it comes to, the prudent choice is to avoid potential risks and prioritize your online security.

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