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Patever Store Reviews

Patever Store offers a range of products including clothing, accessories, and household items online. While the website’s  low trust score and people’s complaints raise concerns about Patever Store’s ownership, offerings, and legitimacy. 

Patever store claims  promise, of a wide array of products and to be “a small but cutting-edge company dedicated to sourcing,” it invites shoppers to explore its digital marketplace.

However, in a realm where transparency and authenticity are really important, Patever Shop’s journey has been marked by a mixture of both positive and negative customer experiences.

Concise Overview of Patever Store’s Offerings and Claims:

Patever Store  presents itself as an online store committed to sourcing diverse products. With a focus on being a cutting-edge company, it appeals to shoppers seeking a wide range of items conveniently available online.The website showcases an extensive collection encompassing clothing, accessories, and household goods.

Fashion Dresses

Patever store showcase’s variety in fashion dresses like Women’s printed shirts,Oversize T-shirt dresses, Long T-shirts, Sleeveless solid overalls, Solid color high-neck sweaters, Pants, Jewelry, T-shirt tops, Solid color mesh skirts, V-neck knitted pullovers, Maxi dresses High-neck T-shirts and Midi dresses.

100% Money back Guarantee

Patever Store claims to offer a product exchange and a 100% money-back guarantee. However, customer experiences suggest challenges in realizing these promises. The website states that products can be exchanged within 15 days of receiving them, but details about the process and conditions are unclear.

Exploring Detailed Inquiry and Review–Points You must Know!

Patever Store has attracted inquiries on different  platforms which serve as a watchdog for potential online scams. Such inquiries highlight the significance of transparency and trust in the online shopping landscape. Several red flags have emerged, raising valid concerns among potential customers:

The use of a free email address

The use of a free email address like “patever@gmail.com” for contact raises suspicions about the store’s professionalism and commitment to customer service. Genuine businesses typically provide verified contact information.

Doubtful Ownership

The assertion that Patever Store is owned by Landbase Trading Company Limited raises eyebrows, especially considering the discrepancies in company addresses. This inconsistency casts doubt on the credibility of the store’s ownership claims.

Different Company Addresses

The conflicting company addresses, one listed on the website as Cardiff, Wales, and another in the Companies House as Cambridge, England, introduces confusion and doubt about the store’s physical presence and operations.

Links to Scam Networks

The connection to Chinese nationals as company owners can trigger suspicions of potential involvement in larger online shopping scam networks. The presence of an umbrella company and scamming group-like activities raises concerns about the authenticity of Patever Store’s intentions.

Plagiarized Content

The discovery of copied website content and similarities with other suspicious sites, such as the use of the pictures from other websites contributes to plagiarism and lack of originality and uniqueness. This practice is often associated with scam websites attempting to deceive customers.

Absence of Positive Reviews

The absence of  positive customer reviews on its website, coupled with the young age of the website and the lack of a social media footprint, casts a shadow over Patever Shop’s legitimacy. These factors make it challenging for potential customers to assess the store’s credibility.

Experiences Of Multiple Users With Patever Store – Take Analysis With Me!

Breach of Promise

Few people faced a problem regarding  the patever store’s promise of a “100% money-back guarantee” which didn’t hold true. This guarantee is often seen as a sign of a trustworthy store.

But  their experience showed a different side. The store didn’t honor this promise, leading to frustration. This inconsistency between what’s said and what’s done can make customers doubt the store’s honesty.

Receiving Low Quality Products

Another problem which people face regarding patever store is receiving a totally different item as compared to the product which they ordered.  

A customer ordered a wicker chair swing but got something else, maybe a hammock. This mix-up between what she expected and what she received points to a bigger issue.

The store’s promises and reality don’t match up. Customer reviews on different sites about Patever store, adds to the concerns about the products and the store’s credibility.

These stories, along with other red flags, make people cautious about Patever Store. They show that not all promises are kept, and this uncertainty can make potential customers approach the store with a mix of hope and caution.

How to Shop Safely and Making Informed Decision – Navigate the Digital Marketplace with Confidence

Polish  Your Research Skills: Before making a purchase, delve into the store’s background. Investigate ownership details, company addresses, and authenticity. A quick online search can uncover discrepancies and help you gauge the legitimacy of the store.

 Inquire Contact Information: A genuine online store provides reliable contact details, like phone number, email address and physical store  address. Be aware of stores that offer only free email addresses or lack comprehensive contact information.

Validate Ownership Claims: Verify ownership claims through official registries and databases. Inconsistencies, like those present in Patever Store’s ownership information, should raise caution flags.

Check Website Age and Address Alignment: The alignment of claimed addresses with official records, along with the age of the website, provides insights into the store’s credibility.

Beware of scam groups: Investigate connections to suspicious networks. Patever Store’s potential association with Chinese nationals and scam group-like activities should trigger caution and care.

Look for Originality: Examine website content for originality. Copied content or similarities to other dubious platforms indicate a lack of authenticity.

Assess Customer Feedback and Social Presence: Customer reviews and social media engagement reflect a store’s reputation. A lack of reviews, young website age, and absence from social media platforms are indicators that warrant careful consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Patever Store a Legitimate Online Retailer?

Patever Store’s legitimacy has been questioned due to various red flags, including discrepancies in ownership details and a lack of social media presence. 

2. What Products Does Patever Store Offer?

Patever Store offers a range of products, including women’s clothing like printed shirts, dresses, sweaters, pants, and jewelry.

3. How Can I Protect Myself from Online Shopping Scams?

To protect yourself from online shopping scams, always research the store thoroughly, verify contact information, read reviews on reputable platforms and inquire about their social media platforms.


Patever Store offers a range of products, like fashionable dresses and home accessories,  but concerns about legitimacy and customer experiences arise. Patever Store’s questionable ownership, discrepancies, and lack of customer reviews caution us to be carefull.

Platforms like ScamAdviser aid us in making educated choices. By understanding the signs of potential scams and prioritizing authenticity, we safeguard ourselves from unwelcome surprises. So, before you click that “Buy” button, take a moment to investigate, verify, and shop with confidence.

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