What is Yowmae Mall? – Discover Products, Policies and More

What is Yowmae Mall

Welcome to a comprehensive exploration of Yowmae Mall – a virtual marketplace that caters to your household needs and desires. If you’re seeking a place that offers a wide range of products, from smart bedside tables to garden baskets, Yowmae Mall might just be your go-to destination.

 In this article, we’ll delve into the various categories, products, and features that make Yowmae Mall a unique and exciting shopping platform. Prepare to uncover the wonders that await you within the virtual aisles of Yowmae Mall.


Unveiling Yowmae Mall– Explore  Wide Range of Products 

It appears that Yowmae Mall offers a diverse range of product categories that cater to various household needs. These categories include houseware, storage, and life tools, and they offer a wide selection of items designed to enhance daily living and organization.

Yowmae’s website was registered on November 25, 2022. Customers are given different  payment options which  include Visa, MasterCard, Paypal, Maestro, and American Express, ensuring secure transactions.

Delivery of products typically takes 7-15 business days, while their 14-day return policy covers quality issues. Here are some examples of the products within each category:


  • Smart bedside table
  • Cookware set
  • Folding dining table and chairs
  • Electric mop
  • Fruit juicer
  • Sofa set
  • Single sleeping sofa seat


  • Shoe racks
  • Wardrobe
  • Multifunctional tool chest
  • Garden basket 

Life Tools:

  • Electric drill
  • Bed backrest
  • Spot cleaner and steamer for textiles 

Technical Analysis of Yowmae Mall’s website: Unveiling the Details

Yowmae’s website provides certain contact details in order to build trust of its customers. Website shows an email address at service@yowmae.com, a physical address at 372 Southampton Row, Great London, WC1B SHJ, United Kingdom, and a contact number 442086385417, the platform ensures that reaching out is both easy and convenient.

The presence of a valid SSL certificate (HTTPS) on Yowmae ensures a secure environment for your transactions, safeguarding your personal information. This commitment to security aligns with their accessible and valid policies, providing assurance that your shopping experience is well-protected.

However, the shadows of concern emerge when assessing the low trust score of 1/100, which raises questions about the platform’s credibility. The relative newness of the domain, further accentuates the importance of cautious exploration.

Reviewing Yowmae Mall’s Legitimacy– Points to Consider While shopping

Transparency and Legitimacy Concerns: The review suggests that Yowmae lacks transparency, as there is no information provided about the owner of the website. Legitimate websites typically provide information about their ownership details.

Plagiarism and Fake Content: The content on the Yowmae website is reported to be copied from elsewhere, which raises doubts about the authenticity of the site. If content is plagiarized, it can indicate that the website may not be genuine.

Scam Potential: The review points out that many fundamental flaws found in non-legitimate websites that later turn into scams are also present on Yowmae. This raises concerns about the website potentially engaging in fraudulent activities.

Delayed Deliveries and Quality Concerns: The review suggests that even if products are ordered from Yowmae, there’s a likelihood of delayed deliveries, and the received products might not be of the expected quality or authenticity.

Data Security Issues: The website’s lack of proper data security measures is mentioned as a concern. This could potentially put customers’ sensitive information at risk.

Absence from Social Media: The fact that Yowmae is not present on any social media platform raises doubts about the seriousness and legitimacy of their business.

Negative Reviews: The review mentions that negative reviews about the store can be found on other websites, which further raises doubts about the credibility of Yowmae.

Staying Safe from Low Trust Score Websites: Your Ultimate Guide

Research Thoroughly: Before making any purchase from an unfamiliar website, conduct thorough research. Look for reviews, ratings, and feedback from other customers. If there are no reviews or the reviews seem suspicious, proceed with caution.

Check for Contact Information: Legitimate websites provide clear and accurate contact information, including an address, phone number, and email. If this information is missing or seems vague, it could be a red flag.

Verify Domain Age: Use tools like WHOIS to check the registration date of the website’s domain. If the website is very new, exercise caution, as scammers often create new domains to avoid suspicion.

Look for SSL Certificate: Ensure the website has a valid SSL certificate, indicated by “HTTPS” in the URL. This ensures that the data you share is encrypted and secure.

Payment Methods: Use secure payment methods like credit cards or PayPal. Avoid websites that only accept untraceable methods like wire transfers or gift cards.

Check Trust Seals: Look for trust seals or badges from recognized security companies on the website. These indicate that the website has undergone security checks.

Be Skeptical of Unrealistic Deals: If the prices seem too good to be true, they probably are. Scammers often lure victims with unbelievable discounts.

Avoid Sharing Excessive Personal Information: Be cautious when providing personal or financial information. Legitimate websites usually don’t ask for unnecessary details.

Use Reputable Search Engines: Stick to well-known search engines when looking for websites. Be cautious of websites that pop up from unknown sources.

Install Security Software: Use reputable antivirus and anti-malware software to protect your device from potential threats.

Check Scam Reporting Websites: There are websites like Scamadviser, Better Business Bureau, and others where you can check the legitimacy of a website and read about others’ experiences.

Educate Yourself: Stay informed about the latest online scams and tactics scammers use. This knowledge will help you recognize and avoid potential threats.

Frequently Asked Questions about Yowmae

 1. What is Yowmae?

Yowmae is an online platform offering a wide range of products in categories such as Storage, Houseware, Life tool, and Hot Sale.

2. What is Yowmae’s return policy?

Yowmae accepts returns within 14 days for quality problems.

3. How can I ensure my safety while shopping on Yowmae?

To ensure your safety, thoroughly research the website, verify contact information, check for SSL certificates, use secure payment methods, and trust your instincts.

4. Is Yowmae a scam?

The low trust score and new domain registration raise concerns, but further investigation is recommended to determine whether Yowmae is a scam or not.


In summary, Yowmae offers a range of products like houseware, storage and life tools online with security measures like SSL certificates and clear policies. However, its low trust score (1/100) raises concerns. Approach cautiously,  while searching in the new domain. The platform may have potential, exercising carefulness ensures a safer online shopping experience.

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